Time for Australia to leaglise same sex marriage

I WITNESSED the most beautiful thing yesterday — two people saying “I do.”

I love ‘love’ — and to me, marriage is one of the most beautiful commitments a couple can make.

I might sound a little naive, having never married myself, but the thought of making a promise to love and cherish “the one” for the rest of your life just makes my heart melt.

Tuesday’s wedding wasn’t like any I’ve been to before, because it was two women who got married.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Australia. But there is a loop hole at the British consulate that allows same-sex couples to wed if one holds British citizenship.

Hayley and Rachelle Bennett said “I do” yesterday at the consulate, and hit92.9, the radio station I work for, put on a “Big, Fat, Gay, British Wedding” for them.

It was pure magic and one of the best things I’ve been a part of in my radio career.

We met Hayley and Rachelle after we put a call out on air asking if any gay couple with British citizenship was willing to let Will, Woody and I plan their wedding.

These girls agreed and for the past two weeks we’ve been frantically planning a wedding with the help of Perth.

From a crazy hens party at Connections, to a wedding reception on the observation deck of the Bell Tower — so many businesses have put their hands up to be a part of this amazing day and we couldn’t have done it without their support.

The wedding reception was themed around the movie “Frozen”, as the girls wanted to ensure their special day catered for their eldest child Ruby, who at just four-years-old is obsessed with the movie.
A loop hole allowed Hayley and Rachelle to be married in Perth at the British consulate.

After having two beautiful children together, Hayley and Rachelle have been desperate to marry since they got engaged five years ago.

But in Australia, this has not been possible — and disgracefully still isn’t.

Witnessing these girls declare their undying love for each, in front of 40 family and friends, has made me more determined to fight for marriage equality.

We’re slowly winning the fight for same-sex couples around the world to marry.

It’s now legal in 18 countries and many more are to come — Australia needs to hurry up and join the party.

Marriage is about love, happiness and respect for one another — it should not be about the sex of the couple.

It’s time we made a stand and moved out of the dark ages because unfortunately, in the eyes of the Australian law, Hayley and Rachelle’s marriage won’t exist.

That makes me sad. When are we going to stop ostracising the gay and lesbian communities and support them on this journey of life? Soon, I hope.

I wish Hayley and Rachelle all the happiness in the world.

I’ve only known them for a few short weeks but I can see they have so much love and respect for each — I’m so happy we could be a part of their special day!

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