One woman’s quest to STOP world HUNGER!

This week’s REAL story is from Jo, a Perth babe I met through work at the radio station…she asked to write this BLOG.

I said YES.

I love it, I love a girl on a mission!

And she has set herself up for a BIG one.

Jo wants to STOP world hunger.

Meet Jo 🙂 take it away gorgeous lady.

Hunger. It’s a word we throw around so easily.

I am soooooooo hungry. I haven’t eaten since lunchtime.

But the reality is that for many Australians, we will never know what it’s like to be hungry. And that’s a good thing; because for 795 million people around the world, hunger is something they live with every single day.

About three month’s ago I was selected as part of a leadership and immersion program through Business Chicks. The program supports The Hunger Project and is designed to take Australian women out of their comfort zone and take them on a personal journey of discovery.

I’ve had a lot to do with Business Chicks over my career. They embrace women and empower them to be better but until this opportunity presented itself, I knew very little about The Hunger Project.

Some quick research found that The Hunger Project have a simple mission. They want to end world hunger by 2030.

My first thought when I read that on their website? You guys are out of your mind. 2030 is just 14 years away. How on earth do you plan to achieve that? And that’s the great thing about The Hunger Project. They don’t see it as a billion mouths to feed. They see a billion human beings who are capable of so much, capable of leadership and resilience to end their own hunger.

The statistics are scary. 60% of the world’s hungry are women and in developing countries half of all pregnant women lack the proper maternal care they need and it results in approximately 300,000 deaths each year. That’s 300,000 women who die because they can not afford the care they need during pregnancy.

When you hear the word hunger, most of us picture young children with bloated bellies surrounded by flies. This is famine. These are the images that World Vision has sold us for years but in fact, only 8% of the world’s hunger is famine. The other 92% have chronic persistent hunger.

Every ten seconds a child dies from hunger related diseases and nearly half of all deaths in children under five are attributed to under nutrition.

It got me thinking, how did I win the birth lottery? How did I end up living in the lucky country where food is in abundance and as a woman I have the right to education, employment and the opportunity to lead a healthy life?

Because women born in countries like Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia and Malawi are not afforded the same treatment. They are almost always, second-class citizens, denied the right to education, forced into child marriage, and always the last to eat, if they eat at all.

What I love about The Hunger Project, is that they start with women. They know that if women are supported and empowered that all of society will benefit. I am so proud to be working with them to change the future, which is why I’ve committed to raising $10,000 for them.

So far it’s been hard. The hardest thing I’ve every done. I’m not normally adventurous and I’ve always found a way to give up when things get tough.

This time around, I can’t fail and I won’t. There are too many people who need my support. And I’ll be travelling to Malawi in November, to see what this support actually does. The Hunger Project will guide a group of Aussie girls through their epicenters in Blantyre so we can see what the money we raise can do.

Whilst I sound like I’m a reality TV show (sorry Heids), my journey so far has been one of discovery. I’ve learnt to ask for help when I need it. I’ve learnt that there are special people out there that will support you, no matter how crazy you might be and it’s made me question everything.

If women who have never known what it’s like to speak up and to lead can do it, so can I. If you’ve ever thought about making a commitment to a charity, then please let me suggest The Hunger Project and if my story has inspired you in anyway to make a difference you can help me on my journey by donating to my fundraising efforts here

You can also make a donation and get something (other than good vibes) in return if you come along to one of my fundraising events in Perth. I’ll be hosting a TV themed trivia night on August 26 and you can get your tables here otherwise if you want a movie night out, you can come along to a special advanced screening of the new film Queen of Katwe on October 12. Tickets can be purchased here


Thanks for taking the time to listen to my story. Much love, Jo xx



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