Meditation: Its not what you think!

Something I hear a lot as a meditation teacher is, “I can’t meditate” or “I cant stop my mind thinking” or another one is “My mind is too busy, I can’t sit still for 2 minutes”.

Cool – I get it. We have busy minds (and lives by no coincidence).

Yet, I will say to everyone that you can meditate because you actually do it more often than you think. Huh? Really?!

Think of a hobby you do that brings you pleasure, that brings you joy or happiness or feeling of peace or contentment…

It could be fishing, going for a walk, riding your bike, gardening, yoga, cooking, reading, listening to music, playing music… the list goes on.

These are the times when you are attentive to one thing, naturally and without effort and so naturally and without effort your mind will settle down and quite. You don’t have the endless distractions and commentary because your mind is satisfied with the task at hand.

For some of us, these moments are becoming too few and far between as our minds get busier and probably our time doing things we love gets smaller.

With meditating, it’s important to start where you are at and not try and resist if you do have a busy mind. Thoughts are ok – they are a part of every day life. Meditation gives us the ability to create some distance and space between you and your thoughts.

If you are able to watch your thoughts then you can stop being a victim to the quantity (or quality) or your thoughts, which is really empowering.

This may be shocking to hear, but thoughts actually aren’t the obstacle to being able to meditate or not. It’s when we attach to thoughts, chew and grind on them and start thinking that cause us the stress.

Thoughts = ok. Thinking = stress.

Once you learn to watch thoughts, to let them go when you noticed you grabbed hold, and then the space between the thoughts starts to appear. The space is where peace starts to grow, as you become less concerned and attached to what your head is saying.

Imagine being able to have thoughts but also experience being at peace? Sounds contradictory but it can become your experience.

Challenge and question the validity of your thoughts, the voices that sound like “me”. Is what my head is saying true or is it just a thought I have grabbed onto all of my life? What about if you made a different choice?


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