The day MY dream came true, I sat with Robbie Williams and debriefed life!

Dreams really can come true…
If you have always wanted to do something in life but you thought it was too big or too hard, then think again.
I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine this week and I couldn’t be more excited for how it went.
In 2005, I saw Robbie Williams in concert in Sydney and I fell even more in love with him as an entertainer and singer. 
The way he commands the audience and gives it all his got, is just phenomenal. He is hands down “THE MAN”.
I had just graduated from university studying Public Relations, in my home town of Bathurst and my boyfriend at the time bought me tickets to his concert to celebrate.
I think I cried like a “Bieliber”, that’s a Justin Bieber fanatic for those who aren’t aware of the term. 
This was seriously the best day of my life, until Monday…
It was at this Robbie Williams concert, as I busted out some really terrible dance moves to “Rock DJ”, I decided that I wanted to work in radio and that I would one day interview the man himself.
I still remember having a drink at the bar telling my then boyfriend about the big plan!
11 years after this declaration, my dream came true.
On Monday, I sat down with Robbie Williams for an exclusive Perth chat. 
I was nervous as hell, sweat was dripping down my back BUT I gave it my best shot. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t stuff it up. You can be the judge of that, if you watch the chat.
Robbie was an absolute dream boat, he was super chilled, funny and I hung on to every single word he said. 
We spoke about his beautiful wife and family, his new music, the self-doubt that plagues him and I even told him he was hall pass. Yep, I had to. His reaction was priceless.
Don’t stop believing and always follow your dreams! 
I am a testament to that.
Go get em tiger!

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