PRIDE by Phil La Rosa

FREMANTLE based independent pop artist Philip La Rosa launched his music video last year during Pride celebrations in Western Australia with a message of hope, love and equality.

Directed by Jacqueline Pelczar and produced by Elaine Smith, the video shows the everyday struggles of five characters who in the end, break free and embrace themselves for who they are.

With a powerful, motivational anthem about equality and staying true to yourself – La Rosa hopes through his music he can ignite a fire in others to chase their dreams and stand up for what they believe.

His passion for music started at the age of 10, which lead him on a long journey to releasing his first single, Pride – at the age of 23. As a gay musician, La Rosa has not been without his own personal struggles. La Rosa’s dream of becoming a singer was temporarily shelved at the age of 15, when he was driven to drop out of vocal and dance lessons and school entirely when he became a victim of bullying. Feeling disheartened he decided to turn his focus to another creative talent – website and graphic design. By the age of 18, he had established his own business – a website and graphic design agency. With his knowledge in this field, La Rosa was able to design and develop his own marketing materials, from the cover of his new EP to his website that showcases his music career.

If you haven’t heard, STRONG is La Rosa’s debut EP featuring his popular single Pride. The EP takes you on a journey of his life, from heart break and battling bullying to discovering himself and finding love and happiness.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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