I am fearless!

I have some exciting news…

I am an official ambassador for “Fearless Activewear” and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Bloody hell you should see their leggings…super funky and oh so comfy!

To be honest I didn’t just say YES to be an ambassador to rock their cool clothes, I said YES because of the message behind the brand.

Calum O’Connell is the creator and I sat down with him to find out a little bit more about the new active wear I’ll be sporting ☺

What inspired you behind the fearless brand?

The inspiration came from working in the fitness industry with my personal training clients, with the majority of them being Women.

After listening to hundreds of stories about their active wear purchases and everything they didn’t like I thought why not try and create something they did.

Why did you choose to empower women with the fearless brand?

The main motivation was to create a garment that women could wear that was flattering but still had the performance and style element.

Fearless is a word that many of us shy away from and we enjoy our comfortable lifestyles. I wanted Fearless to not just be about the garment, but also create a community of women that can love and accept their bodies with other like-minded women.

Being Fearless is not just about jumping out of a plane or climbing the highest mountain, it’s also about accepting who you are and being open about what you are going through.
Fearless the brand is more than just activewear, it’s a way of living wouldn’t you say?

Fearless is about becoming more accepting of yourself and more positive about your actions. Just putting on a pair of leggings that you would never go for is just the start.

Living fearless everyday is the goals that we all strive for, but the little voice in our head that has intimidated us forever about what others think is the challenge.

Is this something you can relate to?
From a guy’s point of view I don’t see any difference. We try to become socially accepted by what our mates think through our actions. We have to portray this macho image to cover up what’s really going on. Our worlds aren’t too dissimilar, but I feel that women do have a lot more pressures than men in society.

What do you think, makes a woman fearless?

I think a fearless female is someone that is real, driven and brave. As mentioned before Fearless is not about performing an action, it’s about being brave through struggles that you may be going through and reaching out for support.

Social media is such a big influence on our lives about what we wear, eat and believe in. A fearless female in my opinion rejects the minority, believes in who they are and what they can accomplish.

Why did you choose Jessica Smith, Verity Charles & myself to be ambassadors?

The biggest thing that stood out is you all have a story to tell, and women need to hear your stories.

You all have experienced and still experience times of struggle, but what you have done is been real to yourself and accepted that this is who I am, but it ain’t going to determine my outcome.

I’m extremely inspired by what has been achieved between the three of you and you represent what it means to be Fearless.

The way you work within the community is why so many women out there are now starting to silence that little voice in their head and accept more from themselves. And that’s why as a brand we wanted amazing individuals like yourselves to represent us and our vision.

Do you design everything yourself?

I design everything that is fearless from the Tanks to the tights. I’m always influenced by the environment we live in and also by how colours and patterns can influence someone’s mood.

Every garment is made specifically from the highest quality fabrics.

I’m always striving to create something that every female feels comfortable and positive in. I do believe that what you create can change anyone’s mindset for the better and if that means loving their curves a lot more then so be it.
What would a guy know about wearing female active wear? Do you secretly wear them at home? Ha ha

Ha good question! I always get caught out when I say there the most comfortable pair of tights you will ever wear, which is so true!! But I guess I’m really passionate about this brand and what I create that you start understand materials and what feel and look like. And Yes I have worn a pair for a Instagram photo so I do believe in what I’m creating haha!

What’s your goal?

The most important goal for me is to keep creating garments that females love to wear and can’t stay out of. I want Females to feel like they are apart of our community and are influenced by our ambassadors. I would love the brand to be well respected around the country for not just producing amazing activewear, but also building a strong band of Fearless chicks. I believe that the brand can be whatever it wants to be and I hope that is successful but also influential in a positive way.

Anything else?
Thank you for your time and nice shoes! ( For those who don’t get this in-joke, I wore bright pink joggers for the photo shoot and as you will see, they didn’t really go with my tights. Ha ha now that’s fearless!!!)

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