Sorry for being one of the mean girls!

THE other day, I was confronted by my past. A girl I went to high school with in Bathurst left a message on my public Instagram page. It read: “Did you also hide behind being a bully too … because of your body image issues? You were so horrible to go to school with.” This […]

The gift of travel

AT the start of this year, I said it was going to be the ‘Year of Travel,’ and indeed it has! As I write, I’m squashed up next to a woman who is taking up all the arm space on a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. At the end of every year, […]

Dear Nan, I’m not ready to say good-bye.

On Thursday night my 96-year-old Nan had a fall in her bathroom. She lay on the freezing cold tiles for almost ten hours, before her emergency buzzer started working again. My poor Grandma laid there screaming for help and no one could hear her in her tiny little flat. When I spoke to Nan, she […]