Episode 5 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Tom Ballard and Edwina Bartholomew

Ep 5 is one of our favs for sure! Tom Ballard and Eddy Bartholomew are genuine, kind & funny peeps whom Australia love and adore. This week on the podcast, Tom chats to our anxious radio babes about coming out, mental health in the LGBTI community and he has a message for our Prime Minister. […]

Episode 4 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Sophie Hardcastle and Casey Lyons

This week our anxious radio babes Bianca & Heidi sit down with two extraodinary humans, who are both equally inspiring. Sophie Hardcastle is a young Author and a survivor of suicide. She has written an amazing memoir about her teenage self and in the podcast she opens up about her diagnosis with bipolar, being admitted […]

Episode 3 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Truck driver Marty & Psychologist Rochelle Masters

This week is a must listen to with our anxious radio babes discussing men and their mental health. The girls sit down with Marty, a 30 year old truck driver from Perth, who opens up about his mental health for the very first time on the podcast. Rochelle Masters from Masters Psychology also joins the conversation and offers […]

Ep 2 Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er with Rob Mills & Constance Hall

This week our two anxious radio gals catch up with heart throb Rob Mills to chat all about social anxiety, dealing with family members and their mental health. They also delve into Rob’s darker period after aussie idol. Hugely successful Blogger Constance Hall also joins the girls to chat about her own experiences of suffering […]

Ep 1 – Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er

If you want to know what its like to work in radio with anxiety, then you have to listen to the very first ep of “Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er.” The girls open up about their own personal battles with mental health. In true radio form, they’ll hook you in with a little sneak peak […]