Battling body image and eating disorders

A CANADIAN pocket rocket came into my life at the start of this year and I am so grateful for it! I can tell you wholeheartedly that this woman is changing my life, along with many others, and to be brutally honest not enough people know about her. I’d like you to meet Dr Kat. […]

Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories – EP 2 Dr Kat opens up about living with several eating disorders

Real Heidi sits down with Dr Kat as she opens up about living with several eating disorders. Throughout the podcast, you’ll hear Dr Kat’s raw and real honesty in telling her story and I believe anyone who has ever been affected by an eating disorder will relate to her journey. Growing up Dr Kat was […]

Jessica Smith tells her whole story!

This year marks a significant milestone for me, I’m nine years into my recovery journey for an illness that is often very misunderstood and overlooked. For more than a decade I lived a secret life shrouded in guilt and shame. I was living with Anorexia and Bulimia. My struggles were made all the more challenging […]