The Austen Girl – Imperfect Earlobes I was on social media earlier in the week, and found myself caught up in a discussion about ear-piercing. A mother was asking what the earliest age a child could be to get their ears pierced. This question came with a disclaimer – that she was not interested in any information regarding whether or […]

Introducing the real HE

“It’s true. Your parents didn’t lie to you. There is no monster under your bed. He doesn’t lurk in the shadows, or the cupboard. He isn’t waiting in the back seat of your car, or in dark alleys, ready to feed off your fear, your pain, your sadness. Rearing his ugly head to drain you […]

The Austen Blog – Visitors Not Permitted

“My biggest fear, is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself.” (Anonymous) The most fascinating thing that I have discovered to date whilst on this journey, has been the overwhelming desire to protect the people I love. Protect them from what depression looks like… what it really looks like. It is so interesting […]

Meet Jase, he has an inspirational story to tell…

My name is Jase aka ‘The Kilted Rogue Runner’. I live with my family in Perth Western Australia and this is my journey: I am a Royal Navy veteran and an ex UK and WA Police Officer, I live with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. I’m grateful that I have lived experiences, it has given me insight […]

Ladies, get your pap smear! This is WHY!

I have struggled to find the right words for over a year now but I’m going to have a crack at it now. Having my dad go through stage 4 cancer (unfortunately dad lost his battle) I obviously prioritised and put my own problems to the back of the line but the time has come […]

My fear of death

ON the 16th of August this year, my beautiful 96 year-old Nan passed away. Since then, I have rode one hell of a roller-coaster with my emotions all over the shop. Nan and I always had a pact that if there were something on the other side, that she would come back and tell me […]

Dear Nan, I’m not ready to say good-bye.

On Thursday night my 96-year-old Nan had a fall in her bathroom. She lay on the freezing cold tiles for almost ten hours, before her emergency buzzer started working again. My poor Grandma laid there screaming for help and no one could hear her in her tiny little flat. When I spoke to Nan, she […]