Living with children on the spectrum

Hi, I’m Jess, I’m a married mother of three wonderful boys who all happen to be on varying levels of the autism spectrum. My eldest is 11 and he has Aspergers and ADHD. My middle child is 10 and he is smack bang right in the middle of the spectrum. My youngest is 6 and […]

I took his surname. Does that mean I am not a feminist?

With International Women’s Day been and gone, the definition of a feminist is still in the spotlight. This one is an interesting for me, I got married a couple of weeks ago and decided to take on my husband’s surname. Does that mean I’m not a feminist? I don’t think so. The decision was a […]

Ladies, get your pap smear! This is WHY!

I have struggled to find the right words for over a year now but I’m going to have a crack at it now. Having my dad go through stage 4 cancer (unfortunately dad lost his battle) I obviously prioritised and put my own problems to the back of the line but the time has come […]

Episode 5 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Tom Ballard and Edwina Bartholomew

Ep 5 is one of our favs for sure! Tom Ballard and Eddy Bartholomew are genuine, kind & funny peeps whom Australia love and adore. This week on the podcast, Tom chats to our anxious radio babes about coming out, mental health in the LGBTI community and he has a message for our Prime Minister. […]

Kate Watts, an inspiration to all women!

PERTH is home to many inspirational, amazing and talented women and men and through my job I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them. At the start of the year, I met a truly inspiring local woman by the name of Kate Watts. Some of you may have heard of her, but […]

Episode 4 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Sophie Hardcastle and Casey Lyons

This week our anxious radio babes Bianca & Heidi sit down with two extraodinary humans, who are both equally inspiring. Sophie Hardcastle is a young Author and a survivor of suicide. She has written an amazing memoir about her teenage self and in the podcast she opens up about her diagnosis with bipolar, being admitted […]

Dear Nan, I’m not ready to say good-bye.

On Thursday night my 96-year-old Nan had a fall in her bathroom. She lay on the freezing cold tiles for almost ten hours, before her emergency buzzer started working again. My poor Grandma laid there screaming for help and no one could hear her in her tiny little flat. When I spoke to Nan, she […]

How do you kill the devil in your head without killing yourself?

I want to break the stigma around mental health, especially when it comes to men. The biggest killer for men under 45 is suicide and this has to change. Our fathers, brothers, uncles, granddads, cousins, nephews etc are too afraid to speak out about their feelings and ask for help because they think it makes […]