I took his surname. Does that mean I am not a feminist?

With International Women’s Day been and gone, the definition of a feminist is still in the spotlight. This one is an interesting for me, I got married a couple of weeks ago and decided to take on my husband’s surname. Does that mean I’m not a feminist? I don’t think so. The decision was a […]

“Live life to the fullest” by Jemillah Bickerton

How do you feel about the classic sayings “Live life to the fullest”, “Live like every day is your last”, “You only live once”? For me I don’t think you can really appreciate/adopt these phrases until you encounter the opposite of what they are saying – death. This doesn’t mean just the thought of your […]

When life doesn’t go EXACTLY to plan…

Do you ever feel like you have lots to talk about but don’t know where to start? Welcome to my world. My name is Jemillah Bickerton, I’m a trained journalist who loves AFL and politics. I love planning things, so when I was young I was already trying to plan my life out. Journalism appealed […]