4 Tips to Creating a Happier, Positive and Fulfilling Life. Empower Yourself Today!

“You are creating the whole of your own reality so if you don’t like something YOU have the power to change it, simply by making a new choice!!” Knowing this can be one of the most powerful tools you will ever have. #empoweryourself We live in a world where we are so bombarded with external […]

Moving on from child abuse & believing the best is yet to come!

So I’ve just turned 51 and I am in a good place, finally!! You see, coming from a background of sexual and emotional child abuse, both have affected me significantly in my life but the sexual abuse from the age of three and a half til I was 8 has been quite hard to work […]

Jessica Smith tells her whole story!

This year marks a significant milestone for me, I’m nine years into my recovery journey for an illness that is often very misunderstood and overlooked. For more than a decade I lived a secret life shrouded in guilt and shame. I was living with Anorexia and Bulimia. My struggles were made all the more challenging […]

Is it ok to schedule sexy time with your partner?

SOMETIMES I feel like my girlfriends and I are living the lives of the girls from ‘Sex and the City.’ I mean almost every time I see them, we speak about our sex lives. I understand all women aren’t like this. Many prefer to keep things private, and that’s totally ok, but we can’t help ourselves! When […]

Kate Watts, an inspiration to all women!

PERTH is home to many inspirational, amazing and talented women and men and through my job I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them. At the start of the year, I met a truly inspiring local woman by the name of Kate Watts. Some of you may have heard of her, but […]

“Live life to the fullest” by Jemillah Bickerton

How do you feel about the classic sayings “Live life to the fullest”, “Live like every day is your last”, “You only live once”? For me I don’t think you can really appreciate/adopt these phrases until you encounter the opposite of what they are saying – death. This doesn’t mean just the thought of your […]

Ep 2 Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er with Rob Mills & Constance Hall

This week our two anxious radio gals catch up with heart throb Rob Mills to chat all about social anxiety, dealing with family members and their mental health. They also delve into Rob’s darker period after aussie idol. Hugely successful Blogger Constance Hall also joins the girls to chat about her own experiences of suffering […]

Ep 1 – Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er

If you want to know what its like to work in radio with anxiety, then you have to listen to the very first ep of “Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er.” The girls open up about their own personal battles with mental health. In true radio form, they’ll hook you in with a little sneak peak […]