Moving on from child abuse & believing the best is yet to come!

So I’ve just turned 51 and I am in a good place, finally!! You see, coming from a background of sexual and emotional child abuse, both have affected me significantly in my life but the sexual abuse from the age of three and a half til I was 8 has been quite hard to work […]

Meet Jase, he has an inspirational story to tell…

My name is Jase aka ‘The Kilted Rogue Runner’. I live with my family in Perth Western Australia and this is my journey: I am a Royal Navy veteran and an ex UK and WA Police Officer, I live with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. I’m grateful that I have lived experiences, it has given me insight […]

Episode 3 – Bianca and Heidi Get Mental-er with Truck driver Marty & Psychologist Rochelle Masters

This week is a must listen to with our anxious radio babes discussing men and their mental health. The girls sit down with Marty, a 30 year old truck driver from Perth, who opens up about his mental health for the very first time on the podcast. Rochelle Masters from Masters Psychology also joins the conversation and offers […]

Ep 2 Bianca & Heidi Get Mental-er with Rob Mills & Constance Hall

This week our two anxious radio gals catch up with heart throb Rob Mills to chat all about social anxiety, dealing with family members and their mental health. They also delve into Rob’s darker period after aussie idol. Hugely successful Blogger Constance Hall also joins the girls to chat about her own experiences of suffering […]

How do you kill the devil in your head without killing yourself?

I want to break the stigma around mental health, especially when it comes to men. The biggest killer for men under 45 is suicide and this has to change. Our fathers, brothers, uncles, granddads, cousins, nephews etc are too afraid to speak out about their feelings and ask for help because they think it makes […]

Domestic violence — men must speak about their anger

I can’t believe I am writing about this again. Domestic violence in this country is the worst we’ve ever seen. In April, I pleaded for this to stop after the death of NSW teacher; Stephanie Scott. Back then, a staggering 30 women had been killed to date. Today, the national total stands at 62. It […]