You are not alone…

When Heidi from hit92.9 asked me to write a piece about my story with Depression and Anxiety for her Website I did not think twice and immediately said yes. Mental Illness is a topic I feel so strongly about and think it should be spoken about a lot more. After I had my baby boy […]

My name is Larissa & I have Postnatal Depression.

Hi, I’m Larissa and I have PND (postnatal depression). It took me a long time to acknowledge and say out loud that I had PND. Here’s’ how it all unfolded. August 2013 we welcomed our second child, our son into the world. I suffered fourth-degree tears during his delivery. I was whisked away into theatre […]

Constance Hall and I talk perinatal anxiety and depression with Dr Leon

Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death in pregnancy? We didn’t. Until I sat with Dr Leon and Constance Hall and he filled me in. This is something I am HUGELY passionate about, my Grandma took her own life when my Dad was just a baby. If you need help contact […]