Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories EP 10 – Anthony Grzelka is a ghost whisperer & communicates with dead people.

Anthony has been seeing & communicating with the dead since he was a little boy. Born into a Catholic family in Western Australia, for years, Anthony didn’t explore his talent. Today he works as a Medium and communicates with ghosts. In this episode, he debunks all the myths around psychics, mediums & explains how it […]

Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories EP 7 – One of Perth’s most popular Dominatrix spills all of her secrets!

This is by far my FAV & JUICIEST podcast YET! My jaw was on the floor the entire time I spoke with “Sienna” – her life is mind blowing! After the chat, I was informed that ALL the info Sienna shared was “G” rated…ha ha I must’ve been living a sheltered SEX life! It’s juicy…it’s […]

Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories EP 6 – Ryan tries to find his birth Mum to say THANK YOU for his life!

Ryan is a 30-year-old radio announcer who lives in Canberra, he recently posted a video to his Facebook page thanking his biological mother for giving him his life! This video went VIRAL & has been viewed over 150 million times. If you want to hear Ryan’s story & if he ever found his birth Mum […]

Battling body image and eating disorders

A CANADIAN pocket rocket came into my life at the start of this year and I am so grateful for it! I can tell you wholeheartedly that this woman is changing my life, along with many others, and to be brutally honest not enough people know about her. I’d like you to meet Dr Kat. […]