What Do Chocolate Cake & My Ex Boyfriend Have in Common?

So I know what you’re thinking, here’s another new age 20 something who thinks she’s the new Carrie Bradshaw come to tell us about her whiny life choices and fashion. WRONG and for 3 reasons; Carrie Bradshaw rebounds from relationships faster than I can eat a family serving of sushi, and trust me when I […]


A FEW months back a beautiful woman by the name of Kim Bunney sent me a message and asked if she could share her story on my podcast, “Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories” about her abortion. She had been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder for years after she had one and she had […]

Sorry for being one of the mean girls!

THE other day, I was confronted by my past. A girl I went to high school with in Bathurst left a message on my public Instagram page. It read: “Did you also hide behind being a bully too … because of your body image issues? You were so horrible to go to school with.” This […]

The single life of a party girl!

For those that know me, it’s safe to say I’m a party girl. Though to be honest, I will refute that undeniably and blame it on the fact that I’m single. But… at the end of the day, yeahhhh I probably am a party girl. I bloody love having a good time. I’m an introvert […]

Endo. Did you know it affects 1 in 10 women?

DO you know what Endometriosis is? Perhaps you know it as ‘Endo’? A lot of you may not, and I don’t blame you, it isn’t really given much exposure. I had friends in the past that suffered, but I never really understood how bad it could be or how common it really is. According to […]

My fear of death

ON the 16th of August this year, my beautiful 96 year-old Nan passed away. Since then, I have rode one hell of a roller-coaster with my emotions all over the shop. Nan and I always had a pact that if there were something on the other side, that she would come back and tell me […]

Is it ok to schedule sexy time with your partner?

SOMETIMES I feel like my girlfriends and I are living the lives of the girls from ‘Sex and the City.’ I mean almost every time I see them, we speak about our sex lives. I understand all women aren’t like this. Many prefer to keep things private, and that’s totally ok, but we can’t help ourselves! When […]

Nude yoga for couples a special experience

THIS week, my partner and I did something completely out of our comfort zones … couples nude yoga, here in Perth. Yep. You read that correctly. Nude yoga. As a couple. With other couples. I’ve been trying to convince him to do it for months and he finally caved and we did it. I had […]

Why my best friend is giving up sex

MY best friend has decided that she will no longer have sex. Not forever, just until she meets the man she is going to marry. Rachel* just turned 32 and is currently single. After numerous one night stands and a few boyfriends, she has chosen to use abstinence for protection. Not just protection against STIs […]