Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories EP 7 – One of Perth’s most popular Dominatrix spills all of her secrets!

This is by far my FAV & JUICIEST podcast YET! My jaw was on the floor the entire time I spoke with “Sienna” – her life is mind blowing! After the chat, I was informed that ALL the info Sienna shared was “G” rated…ha ha I must’ve been living a sheltered SEX life! It’s juicy…it’s […]

The single life of a party girl!

For those that know me, it’s safe to say I’m a party girl. Though to be honest, I will refute that undeniably and blame it on the fact that I’m single. But… at the end of the day, yeahhhh I probably am a party girl. I bloody love having a good time. I’m an introvert […]

Is it ok to schedule sexy time with your partner?

SOMETIMES I feel like my girlfriends and I are living the lives of the girls from ‘Sex and the City.’ I mean almost every time I see them, we speak about our sex lives. I understand all women aren’t like this. Many prefer to keep things private, and that’s totally ok, but we can’t help ourselves! When […]

Life of an escort in Perth!

I’VE recently started watching a new TV series called the “The Girlfriend Experience”. It’s about a law student named Christine Reade (played by Riley Keough) who works as an intern during the day and a high-end escort by night. Heidi Anderson It’s highly addictive and I recommend getting your eyes and ears around it. After […]

Why my best friend is giving up sex

MY best friend has decided that she will no longer have sex. Not forever, just until she meets the man she is going to marry. Rachel* just turned 32 and is currently single. After numerous one night stands and a few boyfriends, she has chosen to use abstinence for protection. Not just protection against STIs […]

Ladies, lower the bar in the bedroom

I hate to break it to you ladies — but I think we’re our own worst enemies. I recently sent out a survey about ‘sexpectations’ to 100 or so girlfriends, and after seeing their answers, I can officially tell you — we are mostly if not entirely to blame for the pressure we place on […]

Boyfriend’s image tarnished by topless barmaids

AM I a prude or is my boyfriend rude? So my boyfriend, Griffo, is going to a grand final party this weekend which I’m not invited to. This doesn’t bother me so much as I’m an NRL girl, so I’d be bored out of my brain anyway. He told me about it last week and […]