Brufield’s take on Barbie Girl the song!

I’ve learned something recently. Something that has taken me over 30 years to figure out. I’m actually ok with being me! Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with body image but I’m quicker to kick myself in the ass and correct myself about it now! Maybe age has something to do with it, but […]

How throwing out your clothes can change your life!

Last week I did something extraordinary and damn it felt good. I did a cleanse. It wasn’t your average everyday juice cleanse, this was a cupboard cleanse. No, I didn’t clean out all my kitchen cupboards, I tossed out a heap of clothes from my wardrobe and it got my adrenalin pumping like a fitness […]

PRIDE by Phil La Rosa

FREMANTLE based independent pop artist Philip La Rosa launched his music video last year during Pride celebrations in Western Australia with a message of hope, love and equality. Directed by Jacqueline Pelczar and produced by Elaine Smith, the video shows the everyday struggles of five characters who in the end, break free and embrace themselves for […]