Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories – EP 2 Dr Kat opens up about living with several eating disorders

Real Heidi sits down with Dr Kat as she opens up about living with several eating disorders.

Throughout the podcast, you’ll hear Dr Kat’s raw and real honesty in telling her story and I believe anyone who has ever been affected by an eating disorder will relate to her journey.

Growing up Dr Kat was desperate to fit in and be popular, “If you could not eat and pass out this was considered the ultimate popular thing to do; I remember hearing a girl having to go home from passing out; I was so jealous. This is when I was under a great divide – I loved and adored food but wanted to be skinny, cool and fit in.”

This is a real issue with both young men and women with 1 in 24 people in Australia suffering from an eating disorder.

Dr Kat is this gorgeous, petite, funny, intelligent woman who has a really important message to share with you all, today she is a body confidence expert and she is helping women all over the country by speaking out about her life and sharing with them the battles she has had with several eating disorders over the years, this is a must listen to!

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