Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories EP 4 – Clint & Jess an extraordinary couple with shit luck.

Clint & Jess are a couple from Perth that have had a shit tonne of bad luck.

In 2013 Jess was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Neuromyitis Optica, she was told she would go blind or be paralysed or both over the next few years.

Three years later, in September 2016, Clint her partner had a bike accident & was paralysed from the waist down.

These guys haven’t sat around and gave up, they have made the most of a shitty situation & are living life to the fullest.

Hearing what they both do, day in day out will blow your mind.

I loved speaking with them both, to me these guys are what inspiration looks like.

Their love & determination is bloody spectacular & after our chat, I walked away thinking, I’m going to stop sweating the small stuff because if they can after what they’ve been through, then anyone can!

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