How Breast Implants Nearly Killed Me


Urghhhhh okay… I’ve been feeling pretty scared about sharing this. But, I know that by sharing my story I will be able to help save the lives of countless other women – so it’s time I listened to my own advice and focused on other people and how this will help them, rather than how I’m kinda pooing myself about sharing this at the moment!

So, there’s something most people never knew about me. It’s something I’ve always been incredibly private about. I never talked about it and most of my closest friends didn’t even know… Heck, I’ve had former partners not even know! When I was 20 I got breast implants. There. Phew, I said it!

“So what”, you’re probably thinking… Why would you share that publicly?
Because, as with all women with breast implants, I’m a sufferer of Breast Implant Illness. And in December 2017 I explanted (removed) my big bad boobies.

The thing that we’re not told about implants is that they have 3 major health issues:

  1. Immune system overload
  2. Toxicity exposure from silicone + heavy metals + other toxins
  3. Caner risk – yeahhhh, they don’t tell us that do they! There’s a cancer you can get JUST from having implants!!!

Immune System Overload

Because implants are something fake in your body, and your body has a powerful immune system designed to push out anything fake, the body grows a capsule (red fleshy sack) to isolate the foreign object. Every woman with breast implants grows this – you can’t not, because it’s how your body protects you.

The side effects of having something fake in your body is a constant (yes, I mean CONSTANT) drain on your immune system which causes ongoing inflammation and this leads to other inflammatory disorders, to the point where many women with breast implants develop auto-immune disorders.

This isn’t new information to the manufactures of implants either, sadly I have read a warning from one manufacturer that states the risks of breast implants as including the development of auto-immune disorders. BUT most ladies getting implants aren’t told this, I certainly wasn’t.

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder in 2007 and recently my GP was trying to diagnose me with another.

Toxicity Exposure

Silicone and silicone shell saline implants expose the body to a nasty array of heavy metals and chemicals. Even if you have saline implants, there’s a silicone shell around them. The silicone in implants isn’t 100% silicone, the implants I had also had about 40 other toxins and heavy metals.

So think about this, your body is nice and warm and has constant contact with all these toxins, so they leach into your body. I have tested for high levels of heavy metals over the last 13 years and am actively working now at slowly removing these (it’s important to detox these slowly to not cause further damage to the body).

Heavy metal and other toxicity has caused so many health issues for me over the last 13 years including:

  • Hormone Imbalances – Worst ever PMS to the point it majorly affected my relationship, adult acne, PCOS and a recent endometriosis diagnosis
  • Liver Overload – Hence why I can rarely drink. I hardly drink because if I do I can get violently ill, my body is already so overloaded with toxins from the implants that it can’t handle the booze
  • Adrenal Fatigue – in 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3 adrenal fatigue, I was a mess and my whole life came crashing down around me. I could hardly do anything. I would sleep 12 hours a night, plus have 2-3 naps a DAY. The depression and anxiety I suffered was off the charts. To the point I struggled to reply to a text message because it was just too hard
  • Inflammation – To the point all of last year my gut was so bloated I looked like I was about 5 months pregnant no matter what I ate, drank or did
  • Fatigue – One of the biggest issues breast implant illness (BII) sufferers complain of is fatigue. Unexplained fatigue. It’s horrible.
  • Brain Fog – The heavy metals love fat tissue, our brain is predominantly fat. The result is having impaired brain function and mental cognition.

Those are just some of the health impacts I suffered from. Other BII sufferers have even worse symptoms than me.

The worst of all this – there are women who literally DIE from these devices when they get Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL). This is classified as a “rare” cancer. Pfffft, not so rare if you have breast implants!!! In Australia, women with breast implants have an incredibly high chance of having this cancer, it’s from 1 in 10,000 to as high as 1 in 1,000!!!! 1 in 1,000 – imagine if that was any other cancer, the news would be all over it. Why is this being kept so quiet??? Women with breast implants need to know this.

So that’s a bit about my BII story. I’ll share more over the coming weeks.

I ask that if you know anyone with implants – please share this information with them. Boobs aren’t worth dying for, education is the best inoculation we can ever receive.

As for my journey – getting rid of the implants was the first step to recovering to full health… there’s still a good year ahead of me of ongoing cleansing and healing. And I’ll get there!!

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