I Don’t Miss Hangovers

Today I’m 6 weeks sober, 44 days & not one sip baby 🙋

Sobriety has been by far one of the easiest things I’ve done It’s possible for anyone, believe me! I’m a booze hag from way back & your ultimate binge drinker I could polish off 3 bottles on my own & party all night, my problem was I couldn’t remember half the night & waking anxious was absolutely horrific.

Some Sunday’s I’d lay on the couch until I had to get up to shower at 8pm at night. These days I’m achieving so much, I have too many hours in the day exercise isn’t a chore, yoga @twistingpeacockyoga has become my weekend bliss & hanging out with mates & having amazing connections has become the norm hangovers bought on so much more than a foggy brain, it made me live a lot in fear.

Decisions made on weekends had been fear based – I have barely questioned myself this year & I thank @sexysobriety & the @brainwellnessspa for that my 90 day sobriety challenge seems too small now…I’m definitely going to go longer!  I’m just starting to thrive & I’m already halfway. I’ve had time to chase my passions in my spare time & for that I’m grateful. Seems crazy to think that booze has held me back because for so long it’s been apart of me. It helped me when I was sad it gave me strength when I was in pain and it made me happy when I was anxious !!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been through a few personal things & health issues and I couldn’t turn to alcohol I really had to sit with my emotions! That has been so interesting. I have had to cut sugar & carbs from my diet for health reasons also SO this week when I was confronted with a few things, I had nowhere to turn. My security blanket & amazing fiancé is in the states, the food I normally ate to comfort me wasn’t there & the booze was a big NO… I felt things I hadn’t before & I saw things I didn’t know existed in me! Fuck mind blown hey I took my spiritual meditation deeper than I ever have & I have explored part of my personality that I didn’t know about.

Who wants to give up? 😂😂😂

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