Why Good News Sucks

Story By Kate from Trending Tributes

Ughhh, you’re not going to be one of THOSE journalists are you?”

This is the phrase I copped a surprisingly large amount of times from different people during my studies, along with, “Oh, I don’t watch the news anymore, there’s just no good news on TV.” A little disheartened and slightly concerned about my chosen profession, I decided that I would try to change this notion of dullness in the media. There is good news in the world, trust me there are more beautiful stories than bad, unfortunately for us though, they’re not necessarily deemed newsworthy. UGH, newsworthy, snooze worthy. I’ve heard that word an awful lot the past three years and I hate to bring it up to you also but…

Newsworthy: According to the staple textbook, Intro to Journalism, to be classified as newsworthy a story needs to fit a few of the following criteria: timeliness, impact, proximity, conflict, prominence, currency and/or uniqueness.

I hate to be the one to inform you but a gorgeous man saving a cute kitten from a tall tree just isn’t any of these things, sigh! BUT, I do have good news for you, there is an abundance of good news in the world, we just have to be actively seeking it ourselves. There are ordinary people starting not-for-profits every day, there are seniors who could be sat on the couch at home who are out helping those they deem less fortunate, there are miracle stories of people recovering from accidents and trauma with an even better mentality and there are people out there saving god damn kittens. It’s just that they probably don’t have their shirt off with rock hard abs like we all imagined earlier.

I want to let you know kind people, that there are extraordinarily amazing people in this world and there are magical moments of kindness happening every day. Did you catch The Australian of the Year awards the other week? People such as the Local Hero recipient, Eddy Woo, are changing student’s mentalities and passion for education every day by going above and beyond but when not newsworthy, they only appear once a year at award ceremonies like this one. The reason that we’re not seeing good news everywhere is because we need to change the station, switch our lenses and make a conscious effort to focus on the good.

When there is a tragic story on the news, know that there were people behind that camera; neighbours, volunteers, strangers, trying to help the victims. When there is a rise in our rates, know that there are better facilities being built for us and that we are lucky to live in such a developed world when there are others who are less fortunate.When there is a scandal in the news, know that that shit is juicy af and the people need to be informed that we’re not the only ones who make mistakes. And, just know that where there is a problem there is always a solution, the news just doesn’t follow up on them because you guessed it, it ain’t god damn newsworthy.

This is why I created Trending Tributes, a media platform where I seek out the goose-bumpingly-good stories of Perth. At Trending Tributes you can read stories about local Not-For-Profits, charities and volunteers. You can learn about the entrepreneurs of Perth who are following their dreams and absolutely killing it. And, you can get your fix of good news, to keep you connected and informed while your vibes remain warm.


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