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One of my friends is new to Perth and she has been struggling to make friends, meet people and network. Her hubby works full time and she stays at home with their baby most days as she doesn’t really know anyone.

She has a small business that she runs from home almost as a way to connect with people as she misses her close friends on the East Coast but she is even finding that is a struggle as she doesn’t have the support network around her like she did back in Sydney. Kate has tried a few different avenues to meet and network with people but the struggle is real as you mums know.

Moving cities is hard enough when you’re single let alone with a family. I have been there on many occasions, moving around the country for radio I found it really difficult to make friends especially when I first moved to Perth, so I can’t begin to imagine how tough that could be with kids. So I did some googling for her recently and I came across a great app called Jugglr.

My mission was to find her some other mothers to connect with, work with and just hang with so she didn’t feel so alone and I’m excited to tell you what I came across. I found Jugglr: it’s an app for mums helping mums and it’s connecting women in Perth every day. The concept is really simple and the Jugglr app allows you to juggle life, your business, career, kids, home, and personal needs whilst earning money.

All you need to do is download the app, set up a profile and off you go. It’s all about Mummies supporting Mummies and empowering each other through your own personalised services; it really can be anything you want it to be. The range of services on the app differs significantly, from help with your ironing to specialised event planning.

Women are searching for play dates, tutoring for their children, connections and company for their kids and themselves.

Some wanted to get back to chasing their careers and passions but love being at home with the kiddies and they found this helped them find work and support. So if you’re reading this right now and you’re ready to connect and get yourself back in the working game, or you’re like Kate and craving some kind of connection, then download the app.

The Process Is Super Simple!

Firstly download Jugglr

Step two – Set up your profile

Step three – Book or offer your services within the marketplace

Step four – See other active Mums in your neighbourhood

Step five – Manage your bookings

Step six – Keep in contact through the app

Whatever it is you’re wanting to create, chase or need, Jugglr will help you connect and find mums in your neighbourhood.

Jugglr is important to modern mums because it allows YOU to be able to work from home and on YOUR own terms, whatever that may be. YOU can connect and network with the rest of the world (thanks to digital technology he he WE LOVE THAT) and balance work, life, kids, health and personal needs whilst still pursuing YOUR own dreams and goals.

Being a parent can be hard (so my Mum tells me he he) and you don’t have to do it alone.

Empowered women, empower women.

xo Heidi

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