How Mums Can Work from Home

Working in radio, I get to meet some incredible people and I know I’m very lucky but what I love most about my job is that I get to connect with everyday people, but some of the topics and stories that circulate regularly can be old and archaic. I’ve been working in radio since 2010 and every year without fail, a story will come out in the media regarding working mums and whether it’s ok for women to chase their dreams and careers. The shade people throw at these women is disgusting and mum-guilt is a real thing because of society’s judgment.

Whether you have kids or not, people have strong opinions on this topic, including me. My mum decided when my brother and I were both under six that she was going to chase her dreams and open a coffee shop and that’s what she does still to this day. It was the best thing she ever did for herself and our family. My mum instilled in me from a very young age, that I could do whatever I set my mind to and that is something that I value hugely in my life to this day and I believe is one of the reasons I am where I am.

But today we have more options! We live in a digital world that opens up more opportunities for mums all over the world to live and work as part of the gig economy, on their own terms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a working mum or a work-from-home-mum. It really upsets me when people attack working parents when it is their choice to juggle work, careers and their own children. I know I might change my mind once I have kids but I have said in the past that I would love to return to work a few months after having a baby, as I love my job so much. I remember saying that to my old boss and he said, “Oh no, you’ll need to take at least six months, or you’ll have women standing at the front door of the radio station with their pitchforks, telling you, you’re a bad mum.” That left a bitter taste in my mouth, shouldn’t we be supporting each other no matter what choice we make?

When women support each other something magical happens. My friend, Tracey Spencer summed it up with the most beautiful quote, “You don’t outshine women, you shine for them.” I recently discovered and am now working with an app called “Jugglr”. I was looking for a network for my friend Kate who was struggling to meet people in Perth. She has her own business and was looking for a way to network, connect and find clients all whilst being a Mum to an 18-month-old boy.

Jugglr is an app for mums helping mums, the concept is really simple and the app allows you to juggle life, your business, career, kids, home, and personal needs whilst earning money. It’s all about Mummies supporting Mummies and empowering each other through your own personalised services, it really can be anything you want it to be. I spoke to some mums from Perth who still chose to work and have really benefited from using the app.

Gaby Marshall is a mum of two beautiful kids and she runs her own business, “The Business Owners Counsellor” whilst her hubby Nick is the stay at home Dad. She had no choice to run her business from home after her maternity leave was declined by her employer. I asked Gaby why continuing to work was important for her and she replied, “To show my children that working for yourself is hard, but if you can do it the results and freedom of time are worth it.”

Jaymi is another working mum from Perth who started using the app when she arrived from the UK, she has two kids and was always taught to ‘earn your way up’ and that’s why she wanted to continue to do some kind of work. Jaymi uses the app for all different domestic jobs too and it’s absolutely FREE, “I use Jugglr for advertising my services and updates on the app, checking my job notifications and confirmations, reviews, messages from other mums and searching for services so that we can help each other.” The beautiful thing about working from home is it empowers local mothers in our communities to work on their own terms so that they can build self-confidence and experience to remain competitive in the marketplace without sacrifice to their children and families.

Empowered women, empower women.

xo Heidi

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