Is Too Much Alcohol an Excuse?

I have never been the kind of person to voice my views on the way men treat women and equally the way women treat men.

Speaking as a woman, I have never had a man treat me in an inappropriate sexual way.

When I go out on the town, I wear clothing that I deem appropriate. I don’t have my boobs out, I don’t wear super short skirts, and I don’t act in a way that might encourage someone to touch me or look at me in a demeaning way.

That’s not to say it’s wrong if women do that, but it is my personal view that it can attract the wrong attention. I would prefer to feel confident and sexy, without feeling like someone is staring at my chest or up my skirt. Again, I’m not saying women who dress this way deserve to be mistreated, but I prefer to avoid that at all costs.

So you can imagine my pure and utter disgust the other night when I had a man say vulgar things to my friend and me.

I was walking home with my bestie. It was a cold winter night, and we both consider ourselves nanas. We were wearing jeans, long sleeve shirts and a jacket. Not my sexiest look but I really couldn’t care less. We both felt good, warm, and had had a wonderful night tearing up the D-Floor.

We were walking past a group of young, let’s say, boys. Aged between 20-25.

Obviously, they too had had a wonderful night socialising and drinking, and perhaps were in need of a glass of water and a kebab.

My friend and I were chatting away when we hear this from across the street:

“Either of you two sl**s looking for a r**t?

My friend and I looked at each other in shock. Had he honestly just said that…?

We decided to shake it off and put it down to too much alcohol on his behalf. So we kept walking.

Then again we hear: “come on sl**. Come have a r*** with me.”

Anyone that knows me knows that I will always stand up for those around me and myself. But In this case, it probably wasn’t worth the fight.

But, I stopped in my tracks, fists clenched. My bestie told me not to worry about it, we don’t know them, and we don’t know what they are capable of.

We continued to walk, and this boy didn’t stop. He was yelling out what we looked like and how we should be treated.

So I responded with “Sorry mate, we aren’t that desperate.”

Silly to even bite to his comments but I don’t think it’s right to let people treat me in a certain way. His friends quickly told him to shut up, or he was going to end up in a world of trouble.

As we arrived home, my blood was boiling. I really can’t understand why we deserved that treatment, especially considering we weren’t doing anything.

I believe the word s**t is one of the dirtiest words that can be thrown at someone.

It took every ounce of physical strength to not walk up to that boy and serve him what he deserved.

Is it better to ignore, or should you stand up for yourself? Is alcohol an excuse for someone to treat someone else with little respect?

I want to know how many people have had a similar experience and how they have reacted?

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