This Is Your Reset Your Life Moment

Article By Julia Van Der Sluys


I cannot shout this loud enough to you. This is your time to truly being able to start living, right here, right now as you are without anything from the years prior weighing you down.

This is your reset week!

Since the Full Moon and Eclipse and all the wonderful planetary action going on – it is time to shed the shit as we are the most supported we have ever been to be able to do this.

It is time to stand strong, accept responsibility and say no more!!

Now most people say it as you need to let go.

I like to put it a different way. Because let’s face it – when we are told to let go of something, our first response is to hold so damn tight to the thing we are meant to be dropping like a hot potato.

So how about we embrace instead. We give all the muck we have been holding on to so freaking tightly a big ol’ hug, a dose of love and feel it melt into us.

When we embrace, we are accepting that this is a part of us. We accept the good and the bad about ourselves and that has happened to us. We accept this has happened, or has made us the way we are and by embracing we are finally telling ourselves that it is A-OK. Because it is.

All of your life – how you are, the experiences – they all made you the delicious human that you are right now. They made you. For good or worse, they are you.

We know there are some things we’d like to change, never have happened etc. but we don’t have a magic wand to go back and change it…. So let’s accept and embrace instead – just as good as a magic wand if you ask me.

Letting go of the shackles that hold us to that memory, or trait or illness – doesn’t mean it is not there, or is not important. It simply means that we are no longer going to be defined by it. We are no longer going to be weighed down by the thing. We are no longer going to buy into the notion that we cannot change it.

Because change it, we can. Everything we do is a choice. Whether we realise it or not. We attract whatever we constantly revolve around in our minds. We go on adventures that we need for learning in this lifetime.

But what we do with those learnings, is where the magic can happen.

When we decide we are sick of the weighing down – that is where the magic can happen.

Sometimes we do need to work on things, get them out of our system by writing it out, feeling it, working through it for that big aha.

Sometimes we can also just freaking decide!

It really can be that simple. And if there is some things there that decide they need a bit of air space before they can dissolve – they will certainly let you know.

If you want 2019 to be YOUR year. The epicness that I am pretty sure everyone is feeling. It is time to EMBRACE!

To actively choose.

This isn’t to say it is going to be a magic pill and all the crumminess you feel is simply going to go away… but it might.

It simply means you are taking a stand to say no more… and the amazingness that can come from that, could take your breath away (in the best possible way)

It is telling the universe that you are ready.

It is telling your soul that you are ready.

It is telling all the shit that you are ready… to not be defined by it anymore.

It is the start of a new projection for you. The beginning of epicness that even we cannot begin to imagine.

Are you ready to reset your life this week?

Are you ready to let go of the tight hold you have of the reins, so you can let some magic into your life?

This isn’t a time for control, overthinking and analysing.

It’s a time to say HELL YES and simply just decide.

The decision is energetic and when you keep staying in the HELL YES decision and embracing and dissolving… things will begin to change. They won’t be able to stay the same. They simply can’t because you have chosen to draw the line in the sand.

If you are ready, ready to drop all the baggage prior to 2019, these affirmations will help. Say them with conviction. Look yourself in the eye and truly mean it.

Know that the learnings and wisdom will always be there for you. You are not choosing to let it go, never to be heard of again, a blank spot in your memory bank where you cannot even feel the emotions it may have once evoked.


You are just choosing to embrace it so it can help you, support you and not weigh you the hell down anymore.

Our time in our own personal hells are over.

Heaven on Earth is now available to us so claim it today.

“I release the need to be in hell and instead see the beautiful richness life has given me”

We can either choose to see everything negatively and let it affect us negatively OR we can choose to see the beauty it has brought to us, the learnings, the richness we may never have had if we never went through that. Allow that positivity to stain our lives in rainbow technicolour.

“I answer the calling of my soul and allow the reset to happen, I am ready”

Our soul knows the way, so let it guide us. It will never throw in too much of a deep end, it knows how gently or slowly we may need, but it is definitely time to break out of the cycles that have been holding us down and step out of that comfort zone.

Happy resetting

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path

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